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story behind: the abide collection

what is the longest time you have stood motionless? Akshinthala Seshu Babu (India) stood motionless with a stick for 35 hours in 2002, setting the world record for the longest time stood motionless. even the most competitive of people would not be able to remain still for a week. if you had to stand motionless, how long would it take before you had to move due to uncomfort or the betrayal of your legs giving out? as humans, our physical inability to stay still mirrors our broken spiritual inability to be still because of the constant changes and distractions of this world.

well, what if we told you that God calls us to be still? no, not in the physical sense, but to spiritually stay still and abide in Him. so, what does it really mean to spiritually abide? to abide is to remain. it is to sustain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by dwelling in His presence. it is to submit to the Lord, depending on Him for the strength to walk in obedience, and to hold on to Christ as the source and sustainer of our lives. abiding is to allow God’s Word to fill our hearts, shepherd our desires, and transform our affections. this definition has been refined throughout the journey of making this collection, but let us take you back to the beginning.

while brainstorming for our new collection, we sat down and had a conversation about how God had been working in our lives and what He had been speaking to us about. by divine appointment, we indistinguishably spoke about how God had been reminding us to abide in Him. the next couple of weeks we pondered on what it truly meant to abide in Christ. in response, God continued to reveal to us the passage: John 15:5 through various platforms such as sermons, social media platforms, devotionals, and conversations with others. this verse says,

“I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing” John 15:5 (ESV).

it seemed like every week there were new “coincidences” that popped up about abiding or about John 15:5. however, we knew that they weren’t just coincidences but signs from God. we were stirred, moved, and delighted to learn more about how we could apply what God had been speaking to us about in our individual walks. upon encountering these various signs, we knew that WNDR could be used as a vessel to share this word with our community. these signs brought us peace and confirmation to know that our collection was what God wanted us to share.

God was teaching and reminding us that abiding in Christ is a lifelong journey. we wanted to design pieces that could serve as a reminder to daily submit and surrender ourselves in obedience to Christ. little did we know, we actually needed this reminder for ourselves - in our own walks with God.

in March of 2021, after having finished the designs for our collection, we were ready to manufacture our products and launch towards the end of that month. however, after a transparent conversation, we mutually shared that we were both at a pretty stagnant place with God. we weren't wholeheartedly abiding in the Lord so it felt wrong to share our collection which was all about abiding. essentially, we felt like hypocrites. we felt a spiritual conviction to examine our own hearts and reflect on how this collection could impact us personally. therefore, we decided to hold back, with the intention of releasing the collection when we were both truly in pursuit of walking and remaining with God. this “setback” refined us, and taught us that abiding is an ongoing pursuit for the rest of our lives until Christ comes back. by putting this collection together, it has served to be a reminder of how we should be responding to God’s free gift of grace, love, and mercy. and that is to respond in an active and constant state of abiding.

we hope that this collection can be fruitful for you. we pray that it moves you, that it reminds you that you are called to abide in Christ: the source and sustainer of your life.

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